About Us


We are at the centre of the marine industry — we work on boats and talk to boaties every day. As a result, we are continually updated with the latest technology and problems our customers face. In fact, it was while trying to solve a problem that we developed GoFlex solar panels.


Solar panels on boats are becoming more prominent — solar energy is a clean and cost-effective form of energy.
However, we found many small-sized boats couldn’t use them because they didn’t have enough space. We experimented with attaching solar panels to the Bimini tops of boats, but found the panels available were too heavy and bulky.
This motivated us to seek a solution farther afield.


Flexible solar panels seemed to be the solution to our problem.
GoFlex solar panels are thin (less than 3mm think), aesthetically pleasing and will zip onto most Bimini tops. For permanent attachment to solid surfaces, they are fixed using a 3M, VHB adhesive. To view our current range, please click here.
These panels are not limited for use on boats. They can be also be used on motorhomes, camper vans and many other applications.