GoFlex Solar: Attractive, flexible and zip-able solar panels

Solar power has many benefits — it’s environmentally friendly, quiet and cost-effective. However, most solar panels are heavy and bulky and something of an eye-sore. If you own a small boat or motorhome, you also may not have enough space to fit them.  This is why we developed GoFlex solar panels.

A summary of benefits:
• light-weight and flexible
• easy to install
• can be zipped to canvas
• attractive
• economical on space
• form easily to curves
• cost effective — just $999 rrp for a
1540mm x 530mm, 135W panel
• able to produce high output in low light.

Go-Flex solar panels are unique to New Zealand — they are light-weight, flexible and easy on the eye. They are very easy to install and can be zipped onto canvas or fixed permanently to solid surfaces using an adhesive


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